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meth-et-i-kit, -ket
1. conventional requirements as to social behavior while consuming methamphetamine in the company of fellow tweakers - especially in situations where only one smoking implement is shared amongst a group (usually a glass pipe or tin foil); proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion where the consumption of methamphetamine is the primary objective.
2. a prescribed or accepted code of usage in matters concerning the inhalation of methamphetamine vapors while in the company of those also wishing to partake in said activity. This clandestine brand of etiquette for the recreational use of methamphetamine has evolved in order to create a harmonious environment where a relaxed mindset for each and every tweaker, as well as the fair and equal meth consumption, is of paramount importance at a tweakfest or other informal meth-oriented gatherings.
3. the code of ethical behavior or action that is to be expected of someone accustomed to the practice of administering methamphetamine and in their dealings with fellow tweakers during group sessions.
i. passing the pipe around the group in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction (whoever lights the first bowl of the session is usually the one who decides this fairly benign example of methetiquette);
ii. hitting the pipe and exhaling only ONCE before passing the pipe to the next eager tweaker. Inhaling and exhaling multiple times before passing the pipe is considered to be incredibly disrespectful, greedy and downright selfish. Usually, the tweaker who is next in line to hit the pipe will voice their shock and/or frustration to the group, so the greedy bastard who thinks that meth just grows from trees will think twice before committing such a reprehensible and heinous corruption of methetiquette.
iii. wiping away any excessive saliva from the mouthpiece of the pipe before passing it along to the next person. This particular example of polite and considerate methetiquette is rarely seen, but is always appreciated by the next in line. If the rest of the group is paying attention, small gestures like these will improve group hygiene and cleanliness, as well as assist in the perpetual refinement of universal group methetiquette.
by wiggers September 05, 2013
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