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The state of mind the drug Methadone puts you in. Methadonia is a replacement to the high that heroin or a fist full of pain killers will give you. The methadonia "high" is goverment controlled and each user documented and monitored. Methadone can be a cure or it can be a crutch depending on how the user wants to take advantage of it. Their are big differences in each patient of these programs. (The writer of this is a user or "patient" whatever you want to call me)
The orange or clear liquid i ingest every morning! Methadone takes me to the land of methadonia!
by Stephen Kantan January 30, 2006
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An inconsiderate, inaccurate portrayal by HBO on Methadone, a lifesaving drug that has helped MILLIONS of people. Sorry HBO, you have COMPLETELY missed the whole point.
HBO doesn't know Methadonia from a crack house.
by Mark Button October 04, 2005
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A horribly awful documentary. The documentary Methadonia can't even pronounce the word "methadone" correctly. They somehow feel that crack addiction is the same as heroin, and that they both are somehow treatable by methadone, and that the 2 drug addictions go hand in hand. Nothing could be further from the truth. They also like to show case methadone patients that started on the drug because they were addicted to Vicodin. VICODIN!!! The people that made this documentary choose to completely ignore other replacement drugs such as Suboxone, beyond that, they refuse to accurately portray the typical Methadone patient. This "documentary" is TRASH. Trash of the very worst kind. I dare anyone to sit through the whole thing. Words can not BEGIN TO DESCRIBE, how AWFUL the documentary "Methadonia" is.
Methadonia, 1.n. A horribly biased and badly made documentary.

2. n. A seldom used term to describe a place those on methadone reside.
by heavyhanded October 01, 2011
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A fictitious place inhabited by an abundance of meth freaks from all around the world. They gather to snort and smoke to their hearts content.
Isn't she currently living in Methadonia?
by Jen April 14, 2005
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