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A wonderful/happy place that is unique to each person. Each person has their own "Merryland" aka their own "happy place."
Ex 1: If you've ever seen "His and Her Circumstances," you will know that the character Asaba created this term. Asaba's Merryland is a place where he is surrounded by girls since he loves them so much.

Ex 2: "My Merryland is a place where I'm with the one I love"

Ex 3: "My Merryland is a place where I'm surrounded by piles and piles of money"

Ex 4: "My Merryland is a place where I can eat as much chocolate as I want"
by MechaTC August 29, 2005
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2160 A hometown filled with ethnics. Next to Parramatta. Kids usually chill at the parks and parents smoke on the benches. Many units and apartments exist here, include some government housing. Local shops are on Merrylands Road and the main shopping centre is Stocklands Merrylands which is renovating. Merrylands is within the Holroyd Council which has provided nice parks and a great massive library. Students have great support and opportunities. But it is all up to them to choose their life pathway. Drugs and alcohol influence happens in this area but isn't as bad. Merrylands is a family.
I'm sick of Parramatta, lets catch a train back to Merrylands.
by Sqiushyy Mishyyy September 16, 2009
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