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A women's college located in Raleigh, NC. The women there are one of a kind and may be looked at as strange because of their many traditions and rules sometimes (like Cornhuskin' and boy hours), but Meredith Angels are the best! You can always tell a Meredith girl, but you can't tell her much!
Chapel Hill girls are pretty, Duke girls are smart, but it takes a Meredith girl to win a fella's heart. UNCW girls are tan, Wake Forest girls got flow, but when you want the best looking girl... Meredith College is where you go. NC State girls are wild, Peace girls are fun, but a Meredith gal is always the best one! Girls will be girls, north, south, east, and west, but MC girls is infinitely rate the best. To any man who reads this and truly wants to know... if you have a Meredith Angel you should never let her go!
by Lawwa August 17, 2005
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an all girls school located in raleigh north carolina. meredith college girls are one of three things...a)huge slut...b)huge dyke....c)totally freaking insane....there is a large possibility they are a combination of two and in some cases all three. meredith girls should be avoided like they plauge b/c they will drink all your beer and then leave, only to call back later and want you to marry them. if you ever are at a crossroads between masturbation or calling a meredith girl, masturbate. they are the worst type of girls in the world and should be avoided at all cost.
"man, did you see that crazy bitch, she just met that guy and asked him what they should name their kids."
"yea man she goes to meredith college"
"oh shit, what a crazy dyke"
by oswald walker October 01, 2006
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