An angelic doctor from the video game Overwatch. One of the most frightening heroes. If you here the words "Heroes never die!", you should probably run.
Take out that Mercy!
by LiteralWorst October 27, 2016
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Mercy is not the exact description of her name, but can be even better if she tries to. This girl isn't down to earth, gentle or kind, but has much more to offer than what meets the eye. Mercy can be the opposite of what people want or exactly what they want, but either way gets what she wants when she wants it. Mercy is very biased with people and only shows kindness, affection and love around them if she decides to, but that love of hers stay undying for the people she truly cares about, which is exactly why she doesn't give out a lot of her precious heart to anyone. Mercy is a very sharp and intelligent person when it comes to people even though many might see her as a blank and blunt person. She can't resist being honest around others even if it may come out as harsh.. Her eyes speak out her mind if you're lucky enough to make eye contact with her, or a simple glare at all. Mercy doesn't give out her friendship easily as it is earned with a lot of hard work.. She has a lot of self respect that she sets herself high expectations of others, but once you start hanging out with her you'll never want to leave her side.
Alexa: She's so mean... who is that??

Liana: That's Mercy!

Alexa: That's ironic..

Liana: haha! Trust me I thought so too, but now I can't leave that girls side!
by Andr33aaaa<3333 April 23, 2022
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Feeling sorry for the pain you know you've caused someone.
I will have mercy on his inferior, jealous and envious soul.
by Haha Killjoy February 14, 2017
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Mercy is an American game where two players hold hand and try to twist their opponents hands into agonizing defeat. It may have root meaning etomology derived from the french word thanks. So give thanks to french which has defeated America in Temporal Warfare with the gift of a statue of Liberty at least 3 times in us locations like Alabama.
Wanna play mercy?

Ahh my hands hurt, MERCY!!
by LordBrittishBreadIX July 24, 2021
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She is one funny, shy and lovable girl. Has dark hair and gorgeous big eyes.Her beauty tells more about her. She enjoys her own company bt people always want to be around her because of her intelligence.
She is one girl who does not give a damn about what people say about her.
Emmanuel; who is that pretty girl over there
Denno;that's mercy
Emmanuel; she's so hot
by ycrem chad January 17, 2021
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a bish o.o who hates moody but really loves him
Mercy: moody GTFO
by DarkKoddy December 27, 2011
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A person who has a forgiving heart pr an act of forgiving selflessly
by Ojonugwa February 6, 2020
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