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The common term used to describe men playing a sport typically attributed to female athletes, Roller Derby. Competitively similar, the primary difference between Merby and Derby is the way men hit compared to women. Women carry their weight lower in their hips, so hits against opposing players typically utilize momentum from the hips to contact. As men traditionally carry more of their weight in their shoulders, the resulting hit comes from a different point of impact: The shoulders. The resulting hits are potentially heavier, but also more likely to knock off balance both the blocker initiating contact, as well as the blocker receiving contact.
Question: "I went to a Derby bout this weekend. Do you think they will start a Merby league soon?"

Answer: "Possibly, but will the men be wearing fishnets?"
by DerbyLove August 23, 2011
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A derogatory name used by douche bags in the roller derby community to identify Men playing the sport.
Are you guys going to cali to play Merby?
by Bruce70 August 24, 2011
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Slang for, All Men Roller Derby, Leage, Team, or Bouts'.
Merby, short for Men's Roller Derby Leage. What women of Roller derby refer to when there is a leage of Men in Roller Derby.
by Tink-R-Toys August 24, 2011
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A disease contracted upon sharing bodily fluids with people named Meredith Monroe. Symptoms include pink eye, saying 'y'all' in excess, spontaneously reporting football statistics (specifically LSU), and eating lots of King's Cake and/or being obsessed with Southern cuisine and all things Texas.
Lullo has Merbies. Merbies was first contracted by a recruit named Travis. His current condition in unkown.
by Schweaty Weiner February 07, 2008
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