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A state of relative nothingness, boredom, frustration, or just general existence for which there is no adequate substitute. Merbling can be an action, as well as an adjective, or a general conversation filler, as well as noun (merbler). There are many forms of merble, but all involve similar, unexciting emotions.
"Man, about ten minutes into that 3-hour lecture, I was merbling hard, it only got worse from there"

"Dude, your 30 minutes late!" "Merble!"

"I went on a date with that girl, but she was too much of a merbler, so I bailed."
by arbjay November 26, 2012
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To Ramble, going on and on about nothing.
"Quit your Merbling or I'll drive this car right into oncoming traffic, I SWEAR TO GOD!!"
by Robert Beickert December 03, 2004
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A man's penis hole. The place where pee exits a penis.
Last night I got bored so I threw my legs over my head and found out how many toothpicks I could fit into my merble.
by KurtE August 10, 2006
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