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A mythical creature of the internet. It is known for its vast videogame knowledge and skills. Those who encounter one often find themselves blatantly criticized; its standards too high for anyone, including God. When it encounters conflict in any way, it ignores the problem and flees. Its comically large mouth and occasional outbursts of funny noises make up for its more annoying qualities. Subconsciously it is secretly a cuddly romantic.Note: It will confess to many ridiculous things and hypocritically lie out of paranoia.
Trainer: GO, Confrontation!
Wild Meoang uses Confessions!
WM: I. Have. A confession. Donโ€™t tell anyone! Iโ€ฆlike MILKSHAKES.
The Wild Meoang fainted. Trainer wins.
by TastefulTuxedos August 20, 2011
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