A sad state of mind that has been through multiple traumas, socially, physically, emotionally, etc. Which prohibits the person from thinking clearly and it has the ability to develop into multiple mental illnesses and mental disabilities that will hinder the person’s life. It worsens if the person has neurological disorders that gets in the way of their social life.
He hasn’t been himself lately. I’m worried that he might be mentally deranged... I’m afraid of him. That’s what she said, you fools.
by Unwiseman February 26, 2020
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unable to behave and think normally, especially because of mental illness
mentally deranged
a deranged attacker
At first I thought he was deranged.
The plan seemed to be the product of a deranged mind.
You Mentally deranged i had your back.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd December 1, 2019
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Jenny's so mentally deranged, she wore a bathing suit when she went skiing last weekend.
by Brooke Hernandaz September 24, 2017
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the type of people who don't even understand communism nor capitalism but have fallen victim to capitalist propaganda. capitalism, or crapitalism is a shit form of government that does not care about their people and will wage war with nations which disagree with them on some things. mentally deranged people are people who write define communism on the Urban Dictionary and write some shit like "no father figure", whilst a full essay on why capitalism sucks was written here too. nobody on this website even wrote a neutral viewpoint describing communism, having no jokes, just defining what it means. This is the society we live in. "Everyone elses opinion is wrong because I said so". on this website are a few ones "describing" communism and in them are only some "fatherless" memes or saying that theyre retarded. Our society is becoming worse by the milisecond. we have to realize that capitalism is not natural. It only cares about profit and lying to their people. Yeah, some communists did that a lot worse than capitalism could ever do (like for say, Stalin or Mao), but youre not better than them if you act like they did. it is estimated that over 650 milion people died from capitalist yoke like being fired from your job by a mean boss or being kicked out from your house by your parasitic landlord.
Person 1: "Communism is fatherless"
Person 2: "Go fuck yourself it isnt funny youre the most mentally deranged person from the most mentally deranged people ever how about you learn what it is stupid peice of capitalist shit"
by gigachad1 August 19, 2022
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