Like feminism, but it is men who say they are higher than women instead. Can also be used to make fun of a feminist.
Gwen: Men should treat women right and we should have more power in the world!
Sam: Women should be put under the boot and men should take power.
Gwen: *gasp* What is that!?
Sam: Menism you feminist butthole.
by DaPwettyPwincess September 15, 2018
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For fucking woman who think they are very good at thing and say men do everything but don’t so don’t let men do anything
Wow just because I’m a man I can’t drive a robot that’s menism
by Imafuckinggod November 2, 2019
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Where woman should shut the fuck up an Cook, clean and rub my feet.
Those people are supporting the Menism protest.
by The Literal Motherfucker November 7, 2018
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