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Menia is tough on the outside but on the inside she’s sweet. When you meet her she will come off as a bitch but that’s because she always has her guard up. But after you get to know her she’ll become one of your best friends. She is a loyal person and really protective over people she cares about. She’s the type of person that helps you get through hard times. She gives 0 fucks. She will give her opinion even if you didn’t ask for it. She’s not the type of girl to bite her tongue on how she feels. If you were smart you wouldn’t have beef with her. she believes in talk shit get hit . Most niggas will find Menia attractive but not just her body or her looks but because of her bad bitch attitude, and how she cares for ppl

But she dosnt let many people into her life. Most girls are jealous of Menia because she’s a really gorgeous girl and she has a big booty And a nice body overall. Menia dosnt have many girl friends she mostly hangs with niggas. You will soon find out that Menia’s wild she’s either ready to smoke a swisher with you or beat the fuck out of you.Menia’s most likely Latinaor black and most likely a Scorpio or pisces Menia’s a really emotional person She’ll get pissed over the littlest thing You will most likely catch Menia rockin some high waisted jeans with a Crop top or some type of hoodie . She probably has on some gigantic Hoops or really flashy Diamond Earrings. With a gold chain on. Menia really,humble,caring,gorgeous,emotional,bad ass bitch
Girl- oh shit who’s that girl fighting Jenna
Boy-oh shitttt that’s menia I wouldn’t fuck with her.

Girl- look at Menia over there being a stuck up bitch

Guy- nah Menia’s not stuck up she just doesn’t let many people in
by Blaatina🅱️💸 October 19, 2018
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Menia is the name of a really pretty and beautiful girl, she loves the color gray and is a really funny and cool person.
At first when you meet her she will be kinda shy but after awhile she will be your best friend ( or More)
Me: Oh look at that cute girl!
Friend: heh, guess her name is menia.
by IngelinsWorld June 02, 2018
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