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A memewar is when two people send each other memes over social media by turn. Before the war starts the contestants need to pick a judge, a prize, and a specific number of memes that are going to be sent. When all the memes have been sent, the judge will declare the dankest memer.
You down for a memewar , bro? I'll destroy you!
by xXDankmemerXx March 05, 2016
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An interdisciplinary journal based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that has been in both online and print publication since 2005. Both a “meme war,” a battle of ideas, and a “memoir,” an alternative recording of history, Memewar serves as a space where different perspectives can come together and interact through various genres and mediums
I really want to open my mind and entertain myself for a while, I think I'll go read the new issue of Memewar.
by buzz lightyear to the rescue August 11, 2009
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A progressive rock/metal band formed in 2004 by two men with enormous male accoutrements.
I took my grandma to see Memewar last night, and now she needs a walker to help her get around, from all the deep dicking.
by utclownshoe July 05, 2018
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