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A special bond developed through a continuous process of tagging and sharing memes
No, Sarah and I are not dating, it is more like a memeship between us and I think it's fun.

Our memeship goes deeper than just another fling.
by elephantdick123 April 19, 2017
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MEMESHIP: This is the process of having a friendship which consists entirely of sending each other memes, and replying with "LOOOOL" or "hahaha" and occasionally with a meme back. Two people within a memeship rarely engage in trivial conversation as their interactions are mainly constricted to meme-sending.

The term was coined by the upcoming internet sensation Ali San when he tweeted off his account @TheSanPlanet, saying; "Does anyone else have a memeship? It’s like a friendship but you don’t actually talk to eachother, you just send eachother memes and reply with “LOOOOOOOL”"
friend 1: do you hangout with bob a lot?
friend 2: nah we only have a memeship
by TheSanPlanet May 28, 2018
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A memeship is a friendship built upon the sharing of memes. It is a glorious friendship indeed, where one gains a deeper understanding of their dear friend through imanges, puns, and sayings that touch their soul.
Me: Imma send you a meme every day. There's a meme for everything!
Kayla: Wow, that's true memeship.
Me: I feel closer to you already.
Kayla: Same, fam.
by Kivster;) April 24, 2017
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