Monsoon: "Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes. The DNA of the soul. They shape our will. They are the culture. They are everything we pass on."
Monsoon : Kill... or be killed...

Saucy Jack : Don't be ashamed. it's only nature running it's course. Your Memes... end here.
by sussy jack February 2, 2022
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Memes are the all powerful life source of every teen or gamer in the world. No human being under 25 can simply resist looking at 1 meme a day. Although memes may empower us, they can also takeover, with you being stuck in an endless 24 hour cycle looking at them. A meme can be anything, it can be your cat, or your drunk sibling. The best part of memes, they are created by anyone ( including you ) in the world
Ex 1:
Teen: Yo! I'm looking at some new memes bro!

Gamer: Dude, careful not to get sucked into the meme vortex.

Teen (24 hours later): Lol! that meme is hilarious! Check it out du- Hey? Where'd you go?

Ex 2:

Brother 1: Bro, I'm going to make a meme today.

Brother 2: Careful dude, with great power comes great responsimemeity.

Brother 1 (2 minutes later): Um... bro. I just made a meme 2 minutes ago and it has 69,000 views already.
by GoodDefinitions June 12, 2017
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Something that is created by the internet. With lots of humour and jokes, viral videos or pictures. Usually get old over time.
Friend 1:Memes don't have an expiration date.

Friend 2:Do you know de wae?

Me:Memes DO have an expiration date!
by That1GirlGamer March 23, 2018
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No mom I'm not gonna do my homework memes are better than education.
by Iamgiraffesksk November 26, 2019
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