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A person who likes memes more than the average person
"Omg Jacob, Ashlyn sent me more memes."

"Yeah, she's really memealicious."
by MemealiciousGurl November 01, 2016
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A word used when the memes are too strong
Person: *searches up Undertale memes*
Person: *reads* You're gonna have a bad Tem......
Person: This meme is Meme-A-Licious!

"Wow, these Underfell Memes are Meme-A-Licious!"
by HeyItsMeJaychan August 06, 2016
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When you become so dank that you ascend into the meme stream and become a meme demigod
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!... I think I'm becoming memealicious!
by Mr.Memer September 14, 2016
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