A blood sucking demon whore. Loves as much sexual attention as she can get. Cheats, steals and lies to get what she wants. Has an ego the size of an elephant. Appears to be a very good person but is busting at the seems with evil manipulative thoughts and actions. Takes advantage of sweet, kind innocent men to suck their blood and use them for finances while she prowls for the next visctim. Heartless, untalented, attention loving whore.
Oh, she stole your money after cheating on you with two guys this week, and a girl?!! Oh that's deffiantely a melissa!
by 9126381236 June 21, 2011
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A Melissa are someone who can easily fall under pressure and become depressed. Results to taking unprescribed medicine, or drinking. They will want to cling to your side because they feel dependent, especially in hard times at school. Best friend will be a cat, probably for life. Walks slumped over, and kills all happy moods of others. A "Buzzkill"
Hey whats wrong?" "I had a drink last night.." "Oh no dont turn into a Melissa!
by RachelBlackburn April 22, 2011
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Fat ass and usually pretty dumb
Don't expect a Melissa to wear cute tiny clothes or write you a paper!!!
by weeburt November 04, 2010
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Big nose, sychopathic honey bee!

Melissa is always attracted to guys who are unlike her, and is always acusing people of wrong-doing before asking them if they used her razer.

She can be immensely bi-polar: she can be a real bi-otch about things and can literally become the Incredible Hulk; but other times really nice, gentle and as sweet as honey as her name earns.

Plus, she loves her animals.
by m%m%m% July 31, 2011
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The kind of girl that lies for attention.

Don't trust this girl, she'll tell you she has cancer and she'll tell you she's pregnant just to get her own way. She's also a complete jealous bitch of anyone who goes near her ex boyfriend. Also the worst follower in the world of dental hygiene. Bitch got clagnuts for teeth, yo.
OMG! Melissa is such a bitch.

Have you seen Melissa's teeth?! Ewwww.

Melissa got CLAGNUTS in her mouth, bro.
by Don'ttrustcuzthehowon'ttrustme December 03, 2011
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The palest girl around town who falls for the type of guy who lingers around the gay bar and chats it up the nocturnal citizens of the under world. A Melissa will usually sound exactly like kermit the frog.
Brad: hey marven, whos that that chick whose whiter than sour cream? I'd like to put gas into that car if you catch my drift!

Marven: Thats Melissa, i tried to watch "Everybody loves Raymond" but i couldn't tell who was talking.
by cramped thighs December 27, 2011
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