A mehki is someone who likes to be alone and keep to himself but when you get to know him he’s very sweet and opens up. He’s really good at basketball and it’s all he likes to do. He always have girls surrounding him but there’s only one girl he has his eyes on. He’s very smart and funny and can make you cry laughing. It’s always good to have a mehki in your life.
Girl 1: mehki is so hot I want him

Girl 2: yeah me too but he only like Katie
by Gracieg November 25, 2018
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First and for most, Mehki is a very Unique name. Its not too uncommon yet not common either. Mehki is usually a virgo or Gemini. Mehki's love to understand you, don't ever play with a Mehki's trust. Everyone probably will or has a thing for your certain Mehki, but at the end of the day there's always someone in his heart. Mehki's usually don't know the full stories to a situation. If you ever meet a Mehki, just know he probably has someone who cares a lot about him, in his heart. Believe it or not, there's always one girl who will be obsessed with Mehki, yet when they communicate, he won't know everything she goes through. Mehki's always have one loyal girl that is disguised as a usually mysterious girl who goes through a lot but can hide emotions well. Mehki's deserve a lot. Good luck
Wow, Mehki is so stunning
by GeniousGeekMinds January 14, 2019
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A pussy ass boy who got beat up by a larry and bout to get beat up by a tequan if he dont stop playing with me and if he dont im gonna bat the piss out him
(Mehki)A dude tell tequan i said he a bitch (tequan) bitch what u said wassup with it (mehki) no stop (tequan) oh thats what i thought
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by King boy be dissing April 13, 2018
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Light skinned boy with a large forehead try's to hard to dress "doesn't wear jeans "mostly joggers and shorts " a game head plays 2k, GTA or Cod but loving very goofy and doesn't stay in long relationships
Tanisha"look at Mehki's forehead "
Shanqua "at least Mehki has some friends"
by @chillbri2x June 01, 2017
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Ugly light skinned boy with a large forehead goof ball but is loving but will play your daughter ,try's to hard to dress"doesn't wear jeans only joggers and shorts"plays Xbox or ps4all day on 2k ,GTA or infinitewarfare
Tasha:"lol Mehki's forehead "
Shaisha"lol but at least Mehki can dress a little bit"
by @chillbri2x June 02, 2017
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