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Mehkai is a very strange child who should currently be in an asylum, he believes he has a big dick, he loves funhause. He makes a good match with a April
Boy 1: Look at that mehkai thinking his cool
Boy 2 : He still hasn't realized he's special
Boy 1: Strange Mehkai
by Daniel5tookenham July 30, 2018
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The name for people who are broke ass crackheads.

A guy who flames peoples clothes but wears old beat up trashbags everyday. (aka grey sweaters, old sneakers)
You saw that Mehkai looking guy who smelled like warm trash and spoiled milk?

Mehkai twitching again. Must be the crack!
Ya'll seen Mehkai slinking around the hood again smilin' at people for crack?
by HollyBartlet January 30, 2018
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