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The ultimate notion of gayness. Not necessarily homosexual, the pinnacle of displeasure to a certain idea. A certain Idea or object that is the epitomy of gayness. Usually an Adjective.
Brother: Tucker, it has appeared that your dog Robbie has taken a shit on your pillow.
Tucker: That's Mega Gay!
Teacher: I'll need your research paper on the Wombat Fetus by tommorow, class!
Student: Ugh...Mega Gay.
by Mike Litori August 09, 2009
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Bigger than the big gay and gay. If someone is mega gay they suck balls literally.
Jerry:Hey bro let kiss
Jim: Nah you're mega gay
Jerry: Suck my balls
Jim: That's mega gay too
by Murderhutfortnite July 12, 2018
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