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A person who talks simply because they can. They have nothing interesting to say, but continue to speak anyway. Such a person is highly irritating, and fairly useless to the human race. The action is reffered to as meeping, or to meep. This word gained popularity after being used by Benjamin on the ninth season of Big Brother Australia.
1. Person 1: John is so annoying! He just talks absolute shit! Person 2: Sounds like a real meeper!
2. Person 1: And then a walked down the street, but then I saw a Supre, then I liked a dress, but then-
by Anti meeper September 24, 2012
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A Meeper is a person who fills the gap in conversations with โ€˜meepsโ€™. Meeps are unnecessary words/sentences with no relevance to the topic at hand. It is a string of verbal expressions one says to fill the silence, often involving repetitions, puns and colloquial language in the hope they sound cool and up to date with the cool kids jargon.
To' meep' is to say something random for the sake of simply saying something.
'Meepers' are annoying.
Meeper- O.M.G I was like wateva trevor. You know what I mean? It was like totes, what the fluffy duck is that about. For real. No shizz sherlock.
by People are annoying August 08, 2013
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A word invoking thoughts of soul fucking, kittens, any verb, or anything making little to no sense. Meepers can replace any word and serve any function in any language. Generally the user is a human serving little to no function in society.
"I meepered her last night."
"I have to change the meepers, they're getting moldy."
"Meepers Meepers Meepers"
by meepers ahoy October 29, 2007
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A girl who is rather well put together, but on some occasions is a dishelved mess.

Tend to be small and make squeaking noises when excited, it is easily spotted by it's big bushy tail and unmistakable tannish-pink hide.

Very cute and amazing to gaze or catch and keep as your very own pet.
This meeper won't stop following me around.
by greebleness November 28, 2010
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Something small and cute. Usually used in, but not exclusicve to, adoration for a vagina or vagina-like object ie, avocado, a belly button, a vagina...
"I kicked her in the meeper, then I kissed it better."
or "Awe, what a nice meeper you have."

by agentmeow April 10, 2006
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