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a disease in which people refer to celebrities like they are on a first name basis and play a role in their life.
OMG I feel so bad for Jen the way Brad played her like that. Ang is such a tramp. I wanna give Jen a hug.

Damn girl you got a bad case of the meegles!
by notatallmeegles March 11, 2009
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He practiced his meegles so often, when I was on top I could feel his balls touch my ass .
by Meegle Master December 12, 2017
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v. To Google oneself.
n. Meegler
Cadence has been sitting there meegling for three hours - she's either pretty arrogant or has a huge internet presence.
by Alana Kai March 30, 2005
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A meegle is the person who hangs out with you and all of your friends, but nobody likes. He/she is usually seen standing in the back of the group, poking his/her head in and bringing up irrelevant subjects. The meegle is the one who gets shown the door at your parties, and who calls you three times a day. They are not necessarily bad people, but you just dont have the balls to tell them to leave you the hell alone cause theyre just so nice.
"Jesus, Chuck is such a meegle, i wish i could hold one conversation with you guys without him bringing up Major League Baseball."
by Ex-Cowboy October 19, 2004
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