A really horrible condition (i have it) Makes you tired, affects some worse than others. Symptoms- Severe tiredness
Joint pain
Muscle pain

Fits (sometimes)
Don't like bright lights or loud noises

Bad attention span
Also can be defined as C.F.S (Chronic Fatigue Syndorme)
'OMG that persons so lazy'
'Shut up .. they have M.E'
by cjs18xo December 17, 2011
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This is the real me.

I’ve never worn makeup

Or even a crop top

I bite every single fingernail

My face is so very pale

But then again, I’ve got red ears
I’m so weird and queers

My hair, always in a messy bun
When it’s down, looks like it wants to run

Away from my face, it sticks out frizzy
I’m all in a tizzy

Ive got braces
And bold glasses

But you know what? This is who I am
I don’t need to be watched by a cam

I love to be me
Because I’m so free

Of jealousy, no wishes to be someone else

None of that stress

Let’s stop with comparison
And promote self-love, saying, “I won!”
This is me, the one that isn’t fake, but instead is truthful. The one that knows her faults, but is still proud.
by Ok hun September 17, 2019
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I am me, and you are you. You can't be me because I am me and not you. You aren't me, but you are you.
You: Hey!

Me: me?

you: No, you!

Me: You?

You: No, Him!

by Not you, me April 22, 2010
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Something people actually define on Urban Dictionary ._.
Wooow these people are interesting xD

And I have to include the word being defines, so.. 'me'
by Mooses_Rock July 10, 2008
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A word used on the internet (especially Tumblr) in reference to something that's even remotely relevant or similar to the person uttering said phrase. The word "That's" before "me" is implicitly assumed.
Online article: A man talks about how he was rejected by 200 women in a row.
Guy on Tumblr: Me.
by Gundersyn April 03, 2016
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