yeah everyone knows gerrrard way is hot im not denieing that but mtv has made them look like posers even if there amazing
teenie1:ilike gerrard now hes hot i didnt know who mcr were before the black parade
teenie2:totally the same i like mikey though
by heli s b November 11, 2006
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Maulkorb Cue Represent. The greatest crew to have ever existed. See loyal, dominant and revered.
"Dude, isnt that the MCR over there?"
"Fuck, lets get out of here."
"Nah man, lets give them some goon!"
"Excellent idea."
by mcr January 23, 2005
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Stands for My Chemical romance. They are a pussy ass band that cannot make a shred of good music. The are emo fags that are goth wannabes. They suck ass.
Douche bag: OMG, I love MCR!
Badass dude: Dude, they suck so much ass that when I hear them playing, I feel like gouging my eyes out and tearing my ears of.
Douch bag: They do not suck!!!! (sniff sniff)
by Ace-o May 01, 2008
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Mcr aka my chemical romance is a alt band from Newark,New jersey.this band consists of gerad way,Frank iero,Mikey way and ray toro a lot of people say this bands emo witch gerad way has even said that it’s garbage.mcr does have a lot of emo songs but they also have other types wich makes it alt,mcr started in 2001 putting out 4 albums I brought you my bullets,you brought me your life love ,three cheers for sweet revenge ,The black parade and danger days:the true lives of the fabulous killjoys mcr disbanded in 2013 until recently they got back togher
I listen to mcr a lot
Mcr is the best
by Emotrash60 May 06, 2020
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MCR or My chemical romance is an emo alternative rock band, they've had a lot of influence on the emo community, they started in 2001 and ended on March 22, 2013 to later get back together on October 31(Halloween) 2019 which was one of the greatest days in emo history
random emo girl: I still can't believe MCR's back
normy guy: get over it, dude
via giphy
by McrJbean April 04, 2021
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