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The kindest girl that you will ever meet.She can be weird at times but that is who she is.She is the popular one out of the crowd. She loves her friends,but her friends can be rude.She is a Tom-Boy with a touch of Girly-girl.she is very tall and strong.She is very thoughtful and caring. She is a loyal friend.
Mckensie is so nice.
by old nannies December 19, 2017
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A McKensie is a girl who naturally attracts people, she popularity everywhere she goes, school, work, or even in everyday life. She stands out in a croud because of her natural glow and enchanting good looks. She easily glides through life better than the rest, as mostly everythig seems to happen just to support her.

Another thing is her beauty, Mckensie's are extremely HOT! Because they are much more attractive then other people, they tend to draw all attention. Which is a good thing for they love to be the center of attention. She usually has blonde hair with piercing blue eyes.

Although her face is not the only thing stunning on a mckensie, she has a large tits and an amazing ass. She is also very good in bed, and amazingly good at teasing and seducing.

She is used to getting what she wants, and this goes for men as well, so if she sets her eyes on a man, better watch out, cuz she will get what she wants.

Another talent of mckensie is her intelligence, she is very smart and cunning. Lastly, she is amazing at sports, as it drives her competitive nature, she rarely looses and usually takes first.
Nate: "I started dating this girl."
Austin: "Is she hot?"
Nate: "Yea, a total mckensie!"
by Truth cat 301 April 21, 2018
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A little blonde bitch who uses friends for popularity.
Person 1: hey you see that girl over there?
Person 2: yeah she's horrible, such a Mckensie.
by Assbook August 01, 2014
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