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To eat ones self to death at McDonalds. Kills over 6.02x10E23 americans each year.
Man 1: Eric Heutchi committed McSuicide the other day.

mAN 2: Oh, Really so did Scrimshaw.
by jamesMCSUICIDE October 26, 2007
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Contemplating or attempting suicide because you work at McDonald's
Ahh man I can't be bothered to go work today

Same man, I might just commit McSuicide
by lolcano123 February 01, 2011
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A sloppy ass mcdonald's burger that will prolly kill you in the end with all the fat,spit,and mayo.thus it's suicide eating that piece of shit they call food
that hoe at donald's gave me a mc- suicide
by Sixties Stanq February 22, 2005
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