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A person of Hispanic, primarily Mexican, and Irish blood. Mc is the shorthand of Mic or Mick which was and still is a common slur and term of endearment for those of Irish ancestry. "Mc" signifies "son of" in most surnames such as McArthur, McGuinness, McQueen Etc. Spic is a common slur for those of Hispanic heritage. McSpic men are known for their strength of arm and character, their superior tolerance to spirited beverages and handsome overall appearance. McSpic women are know for their stunning beauty, their tough and rugged spirits, and their courage. Both are highly intelligent, possess clever wits, and are known for their humor. They are a majestic people.
Joe: That's one bad ass McSpic over there.
John: Oh, yeah, Sullivan. He's a great worker, fighter, and drinker.
Joe: He would be, wouldn't he. LOL
John: Sure would. LOL

Peter: Who the hell is Seamus Michael Martinez Ortiz?
Paul: Oh, he's the new McSpic we hired to take care of business.
Peter: Oh. An other McSpic, like that Jose Juan McGillicutty. Should be a good worker.
Paul: Sure should if he's anything like Jose.

Jack: Who's that pretty broad over there?
Jim: That's Rosa. She's the prettiest Greenbean.
Jack: What's a Greenbean?
Jim: It's a nicer way of saying she's a McSpic.
by Jimmy O'Mhichil January 05, 2010
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a person, generally hispanic or latino, that works in a fast food restauraut, namely McDonald's. These types of employees tend to run the whole restaurant and speak only spanish, making customers angry and running off the few white or black employees that were there before.
Those damn McSpics, I can't understand a fuckin' word they say!

Are there anyone else besides McSpics that work in this store?
by Christine B. October 15, 2006
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someone who is irish (mic) dating someone who is mexican (spic) - so politically incorrect it's funny
eileen and maria have been dating for 6 months... what a cute mcspic couple they are.
by craaazygirrrl August 06, 2009
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