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Mazdak is a persian name.
Mazdak is a forbidden name in Iran.
The reason why, is because in the 600 year century, there was a man named mazdak, he was a proto-socialist Persian reformer and religious activist. To say it more mild, he was against the islamic republic. Still there are groups named "Mazdaki" who tries to save the islamic countries from the religion. People who name their sons, Mazdak, is mostly because they are against the religious leadership in Iran, and uses the name to provokate.
I'm gonna call my son Mazdak, cause i just hate the leaders of Iran.
by The romanian horse May 01, 2010
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mazdak is a sexy and hot person that everybody loves him mazdak is the best person in the whole world mazdak is the best in math and rahimi gives him a 20
mazdak is the best name ever
by dopreme May 19, 2019
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