A total sweetheart. A person who loves fiercely. Being hilarious and fun is as simple as breathing for maytham. He also has a side you DON'T wanna mess with. His care and passion will make you fall in love with him forever. Lucky to have as a boyfriend, brother, son or friend.
Maytham's so amazing, i'll never stop thinking about him.
by 73nidnid November 29, 2012
someone that should be able to rule aussie land. caring but doesn't give a fuck. good laugh. kangaroo lover. boxes kangaroos for a living. once u meet him u wish u didn't but eventual u will like him. sometimes stuck in a microwave like one of those 1 minute meals u make in 56 secs. always in his car. He swims on the roads since Australia is constantly flooded. Saltier than kim k. Sweeter than vegemite.
smoothie: hey do you know baked beans?
nationalist: you mean maytham?
smoothie: oh ya this isnt discord.....
maytham enters: lek waaaaaaaaw
by milkshake1961 March 24, 2022