An activity participated by many teenagers in Timmins Ontario, Canada. It is a long weekend in may where teenagers go in the bush all weekend, sleep in tents, get shitfaced and have the best time of their lives. This event takes place mainly because there is not much other things to do in Timmins.
Man I can't wait for may run I'm going to get so drunk!
by quick122 May 1, 2007
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An Event that takes place on the long weekend in May, were fishing season OPENS, friends and family get together go camping and fishing, drink lots of beer and/or other liquor, and eat lots of camping food!
I am going fishing with my family for May run this year.
by Ladymommy May 17, 2016
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Also known as 'the Victoria Day long weekend' and 'May 2-4 long weekend', The May Run is a cultural event celebrated exclusively by Northern Ontarians who hail from Timmins, ON, Canada. During The May Run, Northerners leave their comfy abodes, and head into the forest to burn trees, watch Leafs games on the tailgate of a truck, consume copious amounts of alcohol (and a whole lot more) in order to welcome Spring.
"Yo, buddy. I lost a bunch of my clothes on The May Run."
"Yeah, eh."
by The Molecular Man May 23, 2021
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The only and realest version of Devil May Cry for the PS-Triple as declared by Chad Warden.
Buncha' niggas tryin' talk shit, sayin' that XBOX got dat game "Devil May Cry 4".

Chad Warden dun' give a fuck, aight?

Let dat nigga cry, aight?

Dat nigga be cryin' all the time, let that bitch go to the XBOX 360.
Nigga, let that shit go to the Wii. They used to crying, aight?
If ya'll niggas want a game fo' dat Triple, we got like "Devil May Run up on a Nigga".
Fuck dat shit, aight?
by Geroolt oof Roovia June 9, 2018
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