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When a straight male extremely admires another male for his looks or voice.
Steve: I really like Luke Bryan, he's very talented and handsome, he's my "guy crush"
by Lyric Bias July 24, 2014
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If a straight guy has developed a "guy crush" on another guy, they admire him for his looks, fiscal attributes, sex life, attitude or relationship with girls and other guys. They may wish to be like him, be friends with him or just touch him. It is not wrong to like a girl while having a guy crush.
#1: Sam: Matt is so sexy, I think I'm developing a guy crush on him.

#2 Liam: Brett, stop staring at him. He'll think you have a guy crush.
#3 Scott: Do you see the was Sam follows you around? He probably has a guy crush on you. What do you think he likes about you ? Your dick?
by BestiesBeforeTestes March 12, 2017
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