Livin life and lovin it; chillin and/or havin fun
Me and my boys were maxxin at my crib the other day.
by the BASIQZ January 08, 2008
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Maxxine is the name of someone who saw that other definition and got lowkey offended even though it didn't have their last name so they looked for a different definition but couldn't find one.
I, Maxxine, am really fucking offended by this definition on urban dictionary.
by Rebecks November 04, 2020
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Maxxine Irwin is a waste of life that deserves to drown. No one loves her and she likes sucking dick and fucking dogs. She uses boys, making them feel loved then dumping them like the sick freak she is. She deserves to be raped a hundred times over. She and her stupid gender confused girlfriend are stupid as all hell, thinking they’re major badasses when really they’re as thick as a brick.

Maxxine never gave a shit about anyone but her precious lue. She stomps frogs to death and throws animals.

If you ever meet her, you should probably beat her.
Maxxine is a loser and no one loves her.
by Pabe Gerry March 04, 2019
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A girl who is a saint for seamen and a "port of call" for all the sailors of the world.
Guy number 1: "Dude, Maxxine the Sailor totally saved my life from whale sharks!"

Guy number 2: "Yeah I hear she's a saint for seamen."
by WinnieFTW October 25, 2008
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