Mawie is a sexy motherfucker, as often described by both herself and her peers (who should be eternally grateful to have ever even looked at such a fine specimen like Mawie). People named Mawie tend to have a rare form of a genetic mutation which makes their brain 10x the regular size and capacity of a non-Mawie. This means that they are very intelligent beings and have quite attractive brain wrinkles. Mawie is a superior being, a god amonsgt men. Anyone who dares to disrespect Mawie will have to fight her four funky friends to the death because such slander will not be tolerated in the Mawie community.
"Oh my god, thats Mawie! Quick, offer her your devotion! Praise her and her ginormous ass!"
"Damn. I wish my brain was as hot as Mawie's"
"Aha damn bbg you're such a Mawie! Finna make me act up ;)"
by JohnDale69 May 06, 2021
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A male's name. The person is just fuckin awesome. Marvellous . Your perfect husband.😎
His name is Mawi. He is just amazing
by Kepalabaner December 26, 2016
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A man who's really selfless and puts others first before his self. Mawi can be selfish sometimes too but he only does that when he truly want something. He is an amazing partner in life though communication is a hard for him but for the girl of his dreams he can definitely work on it. Mawi likes to have fun, he can get really cheesy sometimes but trust me he's really funny without even trying hard. He makes people happy without even noticing it. He may look intimidating at first but Mawi is the type of friend who'll always be there for you. He doesn't like to ask for something back and he likes to expect less for less heartbreak.
A random girl: can you come over here for some drinks?
Mawi: no.
by seiandhercoffee June 09, 2021
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Marijuanna--Cannabis. It kind of sounds like what the drug feels like.
Let's smoke some mawi wawi.
by Ozzy February 08, 2005
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A guild name in Mobile Royale. A quiet, friendly place but deadly to it's enemies. Also sounds Hawaiian 🌴🤗Partial acronym.

Ma>Mati +Wi>Wido= MaWi
Playing Mobile Royale? Join MaWi for some fun.
by BlakWido May 12, 2021
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