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A Hollywood fake-model guy who is a douche and loves to go to clubs with his collar popped, or, you know, in "hip"/expensive clothes acting like a conceded asshole. This word derived from the longer "Maugiure", a fake French version of "Maug", that the original wordsmith used to describe one of my friends who was headed out to promote a party at a Hollywood club; so we all shortened it to "Maug".
To use properly, you see a guy who thinks he's the best looking guy in the club with the conceded attitude to match you say, "what a fucking Maug", or you see one of your friends who is looking and acting the same way and you call him a "Maug".
Hollywood door guys are a perfect example of "Maugs" especially if they are out of work actors or models, etc..
by Giss March 17, 2009
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Half man, half dog. Dog-Man hybrid. Maugs walk bipedally however exhibit many dog like qualities like large protruding tongues, panting and the occasionally crotch sniff.
The original maug was half bloodhound, half man, he went by the name TJ and would pant and drool around a waug (1/2 woman, 1/2 dog) named Carly.

Luis Castillo= 1/2 bulldog + 1/2 Man
by Molly Connel1y August 23, 2009
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