The act of shitting on a partners neck and covering the neck in it. Like that brown scarf Matt Damon wore in some old forgotten movie.
Person#1:Haha dude I gave your mom a Matt Damon Scarf.
Person#2:Suprise bitch I gave your dad one too.
Person#1:Fuck you
by Anonymous Magic Man December 12, 2009
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A situation where one partner in a couple has ended the relationship by dating, and having immediate intimate relations with a new person of perceived higher social status.

See trading up
Frank: Are Sandra and Kasey still together?

Jim: No, I hear she's dating some 25 year old brain surgeon. He's loaded plus he looks like a male model. Word on the street is he took her to Mexico for the weekend.

Frank: Wow. Well, she's fucking Matt Damon.
by Knowmadd April 11, 2008
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An expression, depicting the desire for progression to another task, derived from the recent viral video war between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon as facilitated by Kimmel's girlfriend Sarah Silverman.
"Halo 3's played out. Let's put down the guitar and f*ck Matt Damon."

"Sure. Wait? What the f*ck did you just say?"


Dude, you're always skipping from one thing to the next. For once could you just hold on to the guitar and NOT f*ck Matt Damon!
by Derek Weyhrauch February 26, 2008
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The asian dude, your crush is fucking, that stares you down everytime he sees you in public and looks like he thinks he's the coolest dude on earth.
A:See asian matt damon over there, how can you fuck that?!
B:Yeah bro wierd.
by EndlessMe November 14, 2019
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