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Using way difficult math to prove an account balance or transaction in {cryptocurrencies}. Using math and many distributed rogue computers on the internet, mankind has the chance to finally rid itself of banks. Usually involving cryptographic proofs. Encryption is classified as a form of munitions by the US Government. Bitcoin is a peaceful use of strong data to disrupt the finance industry which invents debt from a signature when one takes out a loan of credit. Unlike the finance industry Bitcoin's design is limited in circulation to never be more than 21 million units.

The term expresses the shear awesomeness of interwoven design concepts behind Bitcoin. Bringing the seemingly magical properties of being able to send value over the internet to another without any banks or financial services beholden to governments.
Bitcoin is an Internet money system that works mathemagically without banks.
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by joebitcoinorg April 19, 2017
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