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One "wearing nerd goggles" becomes unable to resist a skilled mathematician. The average nerd suddenly becomes irresistibly sexy to someone "wearing nerd goggles," especially when he or she "talks math."

Nerd goggles get math nerds laid.
Boyfriend: "why did you cheat on my with that math nerd?!? "
Girlfriend: "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry baby, i was wearing my math goggles! I dont know what came over me! he was talking math to me!"

Math Nerd : "Dude, i got laid last night."
Dude : "HOW?!?!"
Math Nerd : "That hottie in my calculus class has nerd goggles"
Dude: ((highfives the math nerd))
by ihaveamathfetish October 14, 2009
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1. noun. When an asian dude puts his balls over your eyes. Done typically to humiliate and confuse dim witted lovers.
Chow really gaffled Cindy when he hit her with the math goggles. She was picking pubic hair out her eyes for a week!
by The Governor June 03, 2004
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A set of WWII Swiss surplus glass tanker goggles that were recently discovered to increase comprehension of any type of math if worn during class.
I really couldn't comprehend logarhythms, so I borrowed Andrew's math goggles.
by Oliver Quidgeums May 09, 2006
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