A really good friend with an enormous DIck and even bigger wIll tO LivE, his sense of humor is great but his dirty mind even greater.
Oh look at this dude, his pee pee is so big, hes such a Matej
by Giacomelli June 13, 2019
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A foreigner in all countries, besides his own. Has a delicious accent. Obsessed with the color green and Star Wars. Ginormous nerd. Abnormally smart and ridiculously good looking.
Hey, what are you doing?
Talking like a Matej with a completely sexy accent you're jealous of
by Wilma Abraham January 06, 2012
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Means daughter and Portugease.
My matej told me she skipped class I'm so proud
by variari October 09, 2019
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A guy who is very sassy and tries to be the funniest kid, he try’s so hard to make people laugh but always swears. He sucks up to teachers making him self look good. He gets many girlfriends and breaks up with them and gets one the second they break up. He is short and may come from some where like Europe . He has many cousins and they usually know who you are. You can’t take him anywhere in public without him getting in a fight, you become his bestie and then he does something wrong and tries to make you apologise at the end. He is a very funny kid though and everyone loves him at the end of the day.
by poopppppppppppppp January 10, 2018
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Matej, he is the best person you could ever meet. His gorgeous smile, his shiny eyes, his soft hair and the way how he sees the world thru his eyes is overall gorgeous. When he loves you he whould do anything for you and when you love him you are the happiest person on this earth. I f you have a Matej in your life cherish him and love him, because he is the best that could ever happen to you.
I love Matej
by l0verfa1ry November 24, 2021
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Matej is extra-fancy person that only drinks Voss and Fiji bottle water. He is total anti-peasant and is mean to every peasant.
Oh look at him, he drinks Voss, he is a real Matej.
by YUGO BITCH January 03, 2019
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