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Stage name for British music producer/composer and EDM DJ Matan Zohar. Starting off as just a progressive trance and drum & bass producer, he gained international success at an incredibly young age. His early productions earned him a title as a prodigy and one of the most promising producers within the trance genre. From 2009 to 2012 Mat Zo went on to create what I believe to be the most beautiful and emotionally uplifting music the world has ever heard. Track after track he never sold out or strayed from making music directly from the heart. Whether it is his earth-shattering basslines, hypnotic rhythms and synthwork, or heart stopping melodies, you know it's Mat Zo when you hear it and it is truly unparalleled. Aside from his larger than life but extremely organic sounding trance productions, Mat Zo has dabbled in basically every EDM genre often fusing them together within a track. His sound has evolved into something that cannot be labeled or categorized.

One would think that with such skill and in a field that is quickly gaining more popularity that Mat Zo would be full of pride, but no. He conducts himself in such a modest gentle manor that it adds to the beauty of his art, unlike a lot of his peers. To me, music (art), love, and the essence of human soul are so closely related, and I have never felt more infinite than while listening to this man's music. I know I am not alone here.

If Armin van Buuren is the face of trance then Mat Zo is the face of music itself.
Arnold: "Few people can convey emotion the way Mat Zo can through music."

Jessica: "So true. He is one of the most underrated artists. He has no equal. Even with EDM becoming so commercialized he maintains such creativity while still evolving to the modern sound."

Morgan: "His music has helped me deal with the suffering in life more than he will ever know. Thanks Mat Zo!"
by UnderYourMind November 16, 2013
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Matzo (Hebrew: מצה) is a flat unleavened bread used in Jewish Culture. Most popular during the holiday of Passover (Hebrew: פסח/Pesach).
The Rabbi needed a plate of Matzo for Passover.
by RabbiMordcha October 25, 2014
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An adorable dog who eats everything they see. Even chocolate which can kill them. It’s also someone who thinks they are huge but they are small and sweet. Also they are Jewish.
My dog is such a Matzo when he eats his food.
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by Anal.matzo November 24, 2018
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A cracker-like food made in boards out of wheat, flour and water. Traditionally a Jewish food and eaten throughout the year. Jews always eat this at Passover as unleavened bread.
"Do you like Matzos?" Asked Jim,
"Of course, I'm Jewish, they're especially good with jam or chametz!"
by Nerd Alert! May 11, 2017
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