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1. (verb): the process of masturbating before making an executive decision in regards to one's love life. This noteworthy event takes place in hopes to think in a clear state-of-mind about a situation--before putting one's self-respect at high-risk; clearing the mind; avoiding "grenades"; avoiding desperate times for desperate measures.
Friend #1: Hey buddy, what are you up to?

Friend #2: Just texting the girl I met from the party last week. She wants me to go over to her place tonight, and have a few drinks with her.

Friend #1: Dude you know she is a train wreck. You had your beer goggles on, or are you really just that desperate? You might want to go masturdebate on it for awhile, before you do something you might regret.

Friend #2: Yeah you're probably right.
(a few minutes later)

Friend #2: Oh man! I can't believe I was actually going to go over there. What the fuck was I thinking?! Good call. Let's go get a beer or something.
by Cbunt801 December 10, 2011
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When a person debates with him or herself to masturbate or not.
Man, I really wanna go out and party tonight, but I kind of wanna stay home and masturbate. I can't believe I have to masturdebate over this...
by zlateh00 September 12, 2010
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The act of jacking the beanstalk in a group while debating on photos of various women
"To masturdebate is to fap with a group of four or more people whilst debating on how hot or not girls are in various pornographic pictures."
by Jackthebeanstalker69 October 18, 2015
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