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Everyone wants to do something or go somewhere, but no one has strong opinions about what to do. One person thus decides arbitrarily for the whole group.
A: You guys want to go get food?
Everyone: Sure.
A: Where?
Everyone: Don't care.
A: Executive decision: Thai food?
Everyone: Yeah, fine.
by qweqwe321 May 17, 2011
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Sep 14 Word of the Day
Micro marriging is when your partner manages your personal day-to-day tasks with you much like a Micro Manager at work.
Wife: β€œHave you put the sheets out to dry and put the towels on?”
Husband: β€œYes. You know I am a grown adult also used to live alone so you do not need to micro marrige me”
by Thomas Maddocks March 16, 2018
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A decision made by one individual that is in the best interest of a company or corporation regardless of other members opinion.

Megan likes the word "residence" instead of "home". Regardless, Ben made the executive decision to use the word "home" in the best interest of the company.
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The most monumental in scope of difficult decisions.
The fullness of responsiblity delegated to the Executive Decider is manifest
in EXECUTIVE DECISIONS. (Typically dealing with world class issues.)
**EXECUTIVE DECISIONS are best left to the professionals due to their life and death importance (which can affect dozens, thousands or millions of people for good or bad.
"Elected President, and acting as The Decider, George Bush made the EXECUTIVE DECISION to send US Troops to Iraq for which he was first cheered, and is now harped at."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 09, 2006
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When you are having sex with a girl and she just so happens to fall asleep in the middle of it and you are left with the decision to either finish the job or stop and pull out.
So I brought Erica back to the house after barndance and while we were having sex she fell asleep and I was left with the executive decision of either finishing the job or stopping all together.
by bound4gr8nes07 October 17, 2007
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Executive Decisions is a game of Bloon Tower Defense III based on the mutual agreements and cooperative placement of dart monkeys, tack towers, cannons, and spike-o-pults. Upgrades are of course also made only after an executive decision has been reached regarding the upgrade of that tower. At anytime, however, road spikes or pineapples may be distributed by either party of the group.
JLB: "Hey, wanna go play a quick round of BLT 3 based on Executive Decisions?"
Doug: "Sure boss."
by coba09 March 04, 2009
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