An indication of extreme approval and admiration. May be used towards any entity or object one desires to express extreme approval and/or admiration for. however, usually not used to describe girls. Maybe used with the prefix "the essence of", or by itself.

-"How was the concert?"

"Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is the essence of masterliness"

"The weather's masterliness"

Not ok:

"Damn, that girl's tits are the essence of masterliness!" <<this sounds corny
by General G. Thompsky May 04, 2010
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Person A: How was the concert man?
Person B: MASTERLY!!!!

Person A: How were the waves dude?
Person B: MASTERLY!!!
by ceej April 12, 2004
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Masterly bation is where a servant whacks off his master.
"I say, Jenkins," said Master Dobbs, "I believe it's time for some masterly bation."

"Certainly, sir" said Jenkins. "The white gloves?"

"Of course," said Master Dobbs indignantly as he unbuttoned his trousers, "were you brought up in a barn?"
by scodder May 19, 2010
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