To substitute a previously planned activity for one more basic on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
I was going to do my homework last night, but then I Maslowed it to take a nap.
by Pteron August 8, 2010
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A funny, sweet, talented, smart, hot, adorable, inspirational, kind, happy, rad, gorgeous Jewish man with b-e-a-utiful eyes. Doesn't matter what people say, I KNOW he is all of those things :) BTR all they way baby.
Person 1: Man I wish....
Person 2: Wish what?

Person 1: I don't know...I wish I was...
Person 2: You wish you were a James Maslow? Yeah I know. Who doesn't?
Person 1: Actually, I was going to say I wish I was a good cook but hey! I'd rather be a James. ;)
by iHeartJM August 12, 2011
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To go against maslow's hierachy of needs in favor of a much more alluring item/ need. To go on a soul searching trip of lifetime at 19 when you can't afford a can of beans. To use all your money to buy a materialistic item rather than the essentials.
Jerry bought a sports car and now he lives in his sports car. He is happy, Jerry is a maslow mong.
by Deadslowahead October 19, 2018
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A pyramid of human needs created by Maslow. It explains the needs of humans from the basics to the complex.

1st: Physical Survival Needs- Water, Food, Shelter, Sleep, Health, Sex
2nd: Safety and Security- Physical Safety, Economic Security, Freedom From Threats, Comfort
3rd: Social Needs- Acceptance, Group Membership, Association, Love
4th: Self Esteem- Important Projects, Recognition of Strengths and Intelligence, Prestige and Status
5th: Need for Self-Actualization- Challenging Projects, Opportunities for Innovation and Creativity, Learning
High Schoolers and young adults have a very hard experience trying to maintain 3 in Maslow's hierarchy of needs and above because most parents hate their kids. Most parents, on the other hand, raise their self esteem and feel accomplished when they shit on their kids lives.
by Steve Indigo August 5, 2006
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