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A private catholic university in Scranton, Pa (which is a college town). The dick to pussy ratio is 1:7. Known locally for having a lot of trees and too many squirrels. Lots of majors. a D3 school. Nice dorms. Fine girls. Excellent food. (compared to all other colleges) Close to Scranton University, Kings College and Penn State Worthington.
#1 "dude did you get with the girl from Marywood University?"
#2 "nah man but there's a lot more chicks to choose from around there"
by kyleeoo September 25, 2010
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Marywood University is a coeducational, Catholic liberal arts university located on a 115-acre campus in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Established in 1915 by the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and currently enrolls approximately 3,500 students on a national award-winning campus considered one of the most beautiful in the northeast.

Although the college is considered a Catholic college, many of the students that attend, do not associate with this religion or participate in the religious affiliation on campus.

According to the Princeton Review, Marywood is number 14 on the list of cold stone sober, however this is not true. The University is famous for covering up their students drunken mistakes rather then letting the public know their students party. Reputation is an important thing to them. Scranton has a great college life and finding parties to attend is not hard to do.

Despite being a smaller University they have 9 residence halls in which students may live.

Marywood also offers a wide variety of food for their students. There are 5 different stations which serve a wide selection of food every single day. And unlike most colleges, the menu changes every day. They also have a sandwich station, salad bar, and an ice cream bar.

There is also The Atrium, Connections, Study Grounds, and First Stop.

Marywood is a division III school.
There are 8 Varsity Mens sports and 9 Varsity womens sports.
1:Hey where are you going to College?
2: Marywood University!
by Graduatee July 02, 2011
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A small, private, Catholic college nestled in the outskirts of Scranton, PA. It is half druggies and half religious freaks. People attend Marywood because scholarships are handed out like lollipops. Also, they don't want to have to admit that they attend Lackawanna Community College or Scranton University. The advisors are notorious for screwing you over in every way possible.
"I go to Marywood University because I love Jesus, plus i got a $100,000 scholarship."

"I live in Scranton, PA. Don't worry, it's for my education, not enjoyment."
by mwooddropout September 16, 2009
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small private catholic university in Scranton, PA. That was recently voted the #2 school in the country for the most unhappy students. This is because it is a very, very dry campus. The university gets lots of $ to take in recovered drug addicts and alcoholics a rude awaken to father's who thought they drop their daughter's off at a school with no guys and lots of nuns. Until daddy's little girl brings home an ex-coke and heroin abuser as her new boyfriend. Over price for an average education, easy school, and they do not prepare their undergraduates properly enough for graduate school (especially the physician assistant program). Lots of lesbians, ugly girls, and guys who can't get any. Horrible professors are allowed to remain because they do research to help build the schools reputation.
Wow, this anatomy professor at Marywood was given the benefit of the doubt by every student and got bad reviews. How is he still allowed to teach? He is doing research with crayfish, the school wants the research $ to look good. Although the professor can't tell the way the pelvis is suppose to face and doesn't even teach the circulation of blood through the heart. Marywood university not a school for quality education.
by hindsight 20/20 September 09, 2012
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