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Martinus is usually a really sweet and caring guy! He is always there for you, when you need him the most. Martinus is also usually really good looking, and all the girls love him! Martinus is also smart and athletic person.
Person 1: Wow, who is that hot guy over there?
Person 2: It's Martinus!
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by JokutyttΓΆ123 April 02, 2018
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Martinus is a very rare species of male often mistakened for being Mexican but is usually Indonesian. He has the magical capabilities of remaining unbiased in any dramatic situation. Watch out! Martinus does not handle stress very well and therefore needs to be paired with a Blanca so that she can be the calm to his storm. Martinus is a quiet and studious fellow but can turn up harder than anyone else.
Dang! Martinus just took four shots without chasers!
by Djblonx November 12, 2014
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