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She is very passionate and will do anything for her family, friends & one that is in a relationship with her. She is a good influence and bad. She treats people the way they treat her. If you ever find a marsela or meet a marsela if you're related or in a relationship with marsela well you're a lucky person, she is so rare that many others will try to take her away from each other and even fight for her,she is thicc and skinny and very beautiful she is perfect and she is easily attracted to anybody with humor, respectful, kind, she doesn't care what you are or look like, your age or height or weight she will always love you for you. If you come across a marsela be sure to never let her leave your side, keep her!!
Marsela is my soulmate.

I'll never find no one like Marsela.

Marsela is the best.
by Bill thireds April 17, 2019
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crazy evil bitch who teaches at VVC.
Student 1: I have an Evil teacher
Student 2:it's Marsela I can smell the evilness
by Enigma.AA September 05, 2008
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Amazing African girl with an gigantic ass that many guys would like to get at, Flawless skin colour and her eyes in the sun will light up and she is so funny she will make your day,

Everything about her is flawless
Marsela has a great ass, I would like to fuck her one day
by LewisDean August 13, 2017
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