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A beautiful, sarcastic, smart girl. Only rude when you are. Usually happy. Only has a few friends. She will always have your back. Shes A fun person to talk to and hang with. She knows how to have a good time. She can be mean at times, but has a very soft heart. She has eyes that most can't resist noticing, and is the most caring person in the world. She's loyal, faithful, and will always be there for you. Believes in true love and is not afraid to speak her mind when its needed. She loves to make people happy. Everything she does comes from the bottom of her heart.
Boyfriend: If I was in a fight with a guy and two other guys jumped in, what would you do?
Marren: I would jump in it and fight by your side. I got your back if you got mines.
by Lexie123456654321 January 25, 2014
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Someone who accidentally takes a piss on your couch, and then proceeds to tell all his friends he did it just to make you angry.
Wtf dude did you just do a Marren?
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by lude_L September 06, 2019
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A word that can be inserted anywhere in replacement of another. This word is only limited by your own imagination. It can be an adjective, adverb, noun, or verb.
McMarren (instead of McDonalds)
Asia Marren (instead of Asia Minor)
Marrenara (instead of Marinara)
WaterMarren (instead of Watermelon/ Water Mario)

She walked marrenly. (instead of manly)

The marren guy stepped on a little marren. (first marren, instead of massive; second marren, instead of children)

We marrened the floor. (instead of mopped)
by Andrea. April 04, 2008
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