A person know to be awesome, Also the writer of the dutch national anthem. Hero to all dutch people
Person 1:God, i wish i was like marnix.
Person 2: Yeah i wish i had skills like him.
by Vlaflip October 14, 2009
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The Funniest guy you'll ever meet, also extremely charming, you'll never want to leave his side.
Wow, I wish I had a Marnix in my dating life, he would fulfill me. Damn. Why can't everyone be like Marnix?!
by Tara Moore December 16, 2018
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To Marnix - to plan in a poor and haphazard manner with little hope of the outcome being successful.
Goering: What's Hitler doing?
Himmler: He's Marnixing around, something about invading the Soviet Union.
by a-friend7 February 12, 2010
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Getting a BJ in a public place
"Yo dude, I got a Marnix last night, it was awesome!"
by Lucas1313 November 6, 2018
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To drink beers with your colleagues, and leave before the bill arrives.
"he did a marnix on us last night"
by hurt July 15, 2004
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A person who absolutely loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves history and hitler and he's really easily triggered so do definitely not say AVOID ROMANS
Hey is a real marnix van oort (loving history, hitler and gets triggered easily)
by RealAdolfTrump February 10, 2017
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