Marmi is the kindest person you have ever known she a combination of weird and smart also she soo funny definitely she will make you laugh, she is the soo supportive and emotional at same time ,never lose her you will regret.
Marmi defines whole package of positive energy
by Aakash jethwa November 23, 2021
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dirty, possibly with slime or other undesirable substance. unpleasant.
Paul, use your chop-stick stand so the table doesn't get all marmy!
by barbara szymcek September 22, 2006
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you see that man in the jean shirt? that's a Marmie. WORSHIP.
by lumpsmydumps April 27, 2011
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A working class term for a rich person, like a yuppy
'Hello there chap'
'Shut it you marmy cunt'
by thekitchener April 22, 2007
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The name of Ellie's dog in the Tomorrow-series by John Marsden.
Marmie, our dog, directed the sheeps into the wrong direction.
by martijnfmb September 21, 2010
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(adj.) vague description for something bad.
Your hair looks marmi today.
by fjdskal!!!!!!! April 30, 2008
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