When you are about to finish in a girls mouth, first make sure it is wide open. Then aim for the mouth, but at the last second change direction and bust in her eyes. Then you grab the inside of her cheek with your index finger in a hook shape, and drag her around the room.
My girlfriend bit my finger last night. I tried Blinding the Marlin, but when I cast the line I missed my spot.
by BigDaddy88 May 3, 2009
The World Series Kings. Never lost a world series even though they have been to only two. Hard to hate but hard to love.
Damn, The Florida Marlins are looking good so far. If they make it to the World Series they are gonna win.
by Mr.Stanifer May 5, 2008
A prize marlin is the pinnacle of a sex act involving the lifting of woman with one arm while administrating a shocker and the placing of a finger inside her mouth as if she were a trophy fish.
"How was the day at the lake?"

"I did not catch anything, but I gave Kelly a prize marlin."
by Sweet River July 27, 2006
A Major League baseball team based in Miami, known for consistently having a talented minor league system, which helped them win two world championships in their first eleven seasons. The New York Yankees, by comparison, are known for consistently relying on aging/injury-prone/otherwise in-decline players at high prices, and took twenty years to win their first title.
And God looked upon the fish, and he saw that it was good.
by * January 13, 2005
A team that beat the yankees in 6, thank god.
Ma, the Florida Marlins kicked yankee ass in 2003.
by Zach G. October 28, 2003
When you are fucking your girl, and you stick your fingure in her butt hole to perk her up. Then take you other hand and stick it in her mouth just like you caught a giant marlin. Once your finger is in her mouth your friend jumps out of the closet and takes a picture, of your giant catch.
Danny: dude you will never guess what i did to monique.
Stan: Aww man what could do to that whale?
Danny: I gave her a surprise marlin, Big Tom took the pic.
Stan: Dude that is sick i wish i could do that.
Danny: in time you will, in time you will...
by catch of the day 1968 November 27, 2009
When you are fucking a girl and you poke your finger in her butt hole and with your other hand stick it in her mouth like a fish hook, right as you do that your buddy jumps out of the closet and takes a picture. Like you just caught a huge marlin.
i took a picture for my buddy while he was doing his chick, because he wanted to give her a surprise marlin.
by catch of the year 1947 July 10, 2009