This has nothing to do with the movie marley and me. When they say marley they are codnaming the marijuana marley as in bob marley and devin says “ then i make it safe grab a brew and equalize it”

From song "Marley and Me"--Smoke DZA
"All my smokers get high with me, just marley and me
Is smoking on the Kush, or the Sour D"

---get it? Marley=Marijuana...and Me=Me
by Smoke DZA March 29, 2013
When a couple gets a new puppy with the aim (whether they know it or not) of putting off having children. But then ultimately get pregnant within the next year.
"Did you hear that Michael and his wife got a new puppy? Looks like they are suffering from the Marley and me effect!"
by Donut Holstein February 20, 2020
When you are plowing your girlfriend and your dog is plowing you. Then your hamster is eating out your dog and a pregante cockroach crawls inside the hamster’s anus.
My girlfriend found some Marley And Me porn in my parents video tapes last night.
by JayB.150 November 27, 2018